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Notes for foreigner visitors
06/02/2020 11:27:58 Manager Admin 0 41
Following is some information which you should know in advance before travelling to Hanoi, VIETNAM
Local transportation
06/02/2020 11:04:28 Manager Admin 0 36
Getting around in Hanoi is fairy easy and delightful because numerous attractions, restaurants,...
Hotel information
05/02/2020 10:59:38 Manager Admin 0 45
It is up to participants to decide where to stay during the conference time, and they must find by...
WCPE 2020 publications
05/02/2020 10:17:41 Manager Admin 0 47
Every submitted abstract will be reviewed according with the submission guidelines and the...
International advisory committee
13/02/2020 06:46:47 Manager Admin 0 65
International Advisory Committee includes experts who have rich experiences of organizing...
Keynote speaker: Assoc. Professor Alexander P. Mazzolini
05/02/2020 02:19:48 Manager Admin 0 181
Keynote: "Lessons learned and unlearned: A lifelong journey with ‘Active Learning’ as a constant...
ALOP workshops
04/02/2020 11:41:39 Manager Admin 0 40
UNESCO’s Active Learning in Optics and Photonics (ALOP) is a program designed to strengthen the...
Call for Contribution
05/02/2020 09:52:46 Manager Admin 0 242
WCPE 2020 Call for oral presentations, symposia, workshops, working groups and posters
WCPE 2020 topics
04/02/2020 09:25:16 Manager Admin 0 68
General theme: "Innovating physics education: From research to practice"
Conference fee
04/02/2020 09:28:50 Manager Admin 0 171
Each participant must pay the conference fee, which covers attendance at WCPE 2020; receipt of...

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