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Abstract submission OPEN
30/10/2021 05:58:49 Manager Admin 0 1489
In order to submit your abstract contribution to the 3rd WCPE conference, please sign in the...
Keynote speaker: Dr. Yaron Lehavi
03/11/2021 11:42:11 Manager Admin 0 481
Keynote: Crosscutting concepts in science education: Illusions, challenges and hopes
Indico - registration, referee and virtual-conference system for WCPE 2021
02/12/2021 09:16:11 Manager Admin 0 965
CERN has agreed for WCPE 3 to use Indico system for collecting/reviewing abstract and organizing...
Abstract guidelines
30/10/2021 06:00:15 Manager Admin 0 2077
The official language of the conference is English, so abstracts should be sent and presented in...
Keynote speaker: Dr. Pratibha Jolly
25/11/2021 01:47:01 Manager Admin 0 647
Keynote: “Innovation, Enterprise and Physics Education: Weaving Paradigms for the World of Work”
Keynote speaker: Dr. Paula Heron
05/11/2021 09:02:45 Manager Admin 0 788
Keynote: "Improving student learning in physics: The dual roles of conceptual understanding and...
Keynote speaker: Dr. Tomasz Greczyło
04/11/2021 05:36:06 Manager Admin 0 654
Keynote: "Video clips in physics education"
Notes for foreigner visitors
30/04/2021 11:05:28 Manager Admin 0 554
Following is some information which you should know in advance before travelling to Hanoi, VIETNAM
Local transportation
30/04/2021 10:56:55 Manager Admin 0 463
Getting around in Hanoi is fairy easy and delightful because numerous attractions, restaurants,...
Hotel information
07/05/2021 04:38:53 Manager Admin 0 540
It is up to participants to decide where to stay during the conference time, and they must find by...

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