WCPE 2021 topics

General theme: "Innovating physics education: From research to practice"
  1. Educational reform: development and implementation of physics curriculum
  2. Competence-based physics education
  3. Representation in teaching and learning physics
  4. Teaching and learning physics concepts
  5. ICT and multimedia in physics education
  6. Online physics teaching and learning
  7. Experiments and practical work in physics education
  8. Evaluation and assessment of student learning and development
  9. Initial teacher education, teacher professional development and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  10. Early science learning
  11. Secondary school physics
  12. University Physics: research and good practices
  13. Physics into STEM education
  14. Informal learning and science centers
  15. Nature of Science, gender and socio-cultural issues in physics education 
  16. Motivational strategies and metacognition in physics education
  17. Methodological issues in physics education research
  18. Physics for environment and social issues
  19. Interplay between physics and mathematics
  20. Contemporary physics and modern physics in schools and universities
  21. Outreach of physics
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