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Keynote speakers

Keynote speaker: Dr. Pratibha Jolly
25/02/2020 04:38:26 Manager Admin 0 108
Keynote: “Innovation, Enterprise and Physics Education: Weaving Paradigms for the World of Work”
Keynote speaker: Dr. Paula Heron
24/02/2020 09:32:18 Manager Admin 0 130
Keynote: "Improving student learning in physics: The dual roles of conceptual understanding and...
Keynote speaker: Dr. Tomasz Greczyło
24/02/2020 09:20:03 Manager Admin 0 91
Keynote: "Video clips in physics education"
Keynote speaker: Assoc. Professor Alexander P. Mazzolini
05/02/2020 02:19:48 Manager Admin 0 369
Keynote: "Lessons learned and unlearned: A lifelong journey with ‘Active Learning’ as a constant...

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