Tentative program - adapted to new normal

About 100 participants are expected to come to Hanoi, VIETNAM joining live sessions, whereas many more others will take part in virtual satellite events in comfortable time at home or work.

The 3rd WCPE in Hanoi (Vietnam) is of a different nature than previous editions. This due to various reasons as the pandemic, the time zone of Vietnam and the trend towards remote participation in conferences.

Because the situation is and remains uncertain, we present a format for interested participants from the whole world.  In this format, HNUE, as organizer, will host in Hanoi all main and specific activities, like plenaries, workshops, symposia, oral/poster presentations etc., both remotely and in presence. This in principle between 9:00 and 17:00 local time. The last sessions of the day are shared with our Polish supporting partner, Wroclaw. For them this starts at 10:00 local time. Then, at 12:00 they take the responsibility for a series of activities, uniquely remotely, until it is 17:00 in Poland. Again, the last part is shared with Guayaquil in Ecuador. For them this starts at 10:00 local time as well, and at 12:00 they take the responsibility for a series of activities, remotely only, until 14:00. 

The green zones in the schedule below illustrate this strategy. 

Light green means that in that time slot both locations share activities.

Orange means that in the given time slots, participants still can attend activities organized in other time zones live, directly. However, these are then at “unusual” times.

The schedule above is a conceptual version, small changes are possible, and not every day will be identical. The details will be communicated in due time, especially after data of the number of registrations are known.

Presentations or any other activities participants want to carry out during the conference can be done in the green time slots. The above adaptive agenda still include the "normal" activities as oral presentations, symposia, workshops, working groups and posters

- Each plenary session (invited keynote/dialogue) is 45-minute long followed by Q&A.

- Parallel sessions include oral presentations, symposia, workshops, working groups. Each parallel session should be planned for 90 minutes and in a 50-seat room or on a virtual platform.

In term of how to present, there are 03 options for participants to choose:

a) Presenting in realtime in a virtual platform or HNUE room with no record, followed by Q&A.

b) Presenting in realtime with record, in a virtual platform or HNUE room. After that the presentation video will be repeated in another green slot in different time zone and published in the conference website for broader audience to access anytime, anywhere. 

c) Livestreaming the pre-recorded presentation, followed by Q&A. After that the presentation video will be used as option B.   

For the live part at HNUE, there are lunches, coffee/tea break at conference days and conference excursion, a gala dinner. 

The Hanoi organisers are in charge of the whole, world-wide conference, both in presence and remotely. They will set up a schedule that meets participants’ preferences as well as practical constraints. All demands are still valid: every contribution should have a live discussion moment. Abstracts can be delivered for all 3 time zones and will be reviewed.

We conclude that the format will motivate physics researchers, teachers, and other stakeholders from the whole world to take part in the 3rd edition of the WCPE of Hanoi.

We thank the Universities of Wroclaw and Guayaquil for their support in this ambitious endeavour.

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