Using Zoom as video communication platform for all WCPE 3 sessions

Licensed Zoom business (up to 300 participants) is used at WCPE 3 as video communication platform for all sessions. To join each session, you need to use Zoom ID and passcode.

1. For your convenient, we use the same Zoom ID and Passcode for a certain type of sessions.
a) Using Zoom 1 (HNUE 17) for Opening/Closing ceremony, Keynotes and Symposia
b) Using Zoom 2 (HNUE 18) for Workshop, Poster Presentations
c) Using Zoom 3 (HNUE 19) for Oral Presentations, Thematic discussions

When logging in Indico, you can find the ID and Passcode for Zoom 1, Zoom 2 and Zoom 3.

2. If you are not familiar with using Zoom, the following instructional videos might be helpful.

Video on How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Video on How to use Zoom's Virtual Backgrounds

Video on How to use Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Video on How To Share Your Screen in Zoom 

Video How To Configure Your Zoom Meeting Audio/Video

Video on How To Use Zoom Waiting Rooms

3. You are kindly asked to use a virtual background when joining Zoom. It can be your institution/university/school offical one or specilized for WCPE 3 as belows.


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