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About WCPE 2020

The World Conference on Physics Education (WCPE) was initiated by Groupe International de Recherche sur l'Enseignement de la Physique (GIREP) and the International Commission on Physics Education (ICPE) – Commission 14 of the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). WCPE is structured to share recent research and practices on physics education as well as help foster collaborations on physics education research and development which can transcend national boundaries. The goal will be reached through various sessions which will develop actions plans that strengthen the teaching and learning of physics at all levels and in many countries.

After the successful WCPE 2012 in Istanbul and WCPE 2016 in São Paulo, the 3rd WCPE 2020 in Hanoi will be a concrete step forward in global cooperation. The 3rd WCPE theme is “Innovating physics education: From teacher education to school practices”. The conference topics are globally significant, also of significant interest in Vietnam where the school physics curriculum has undergone fundamental and comprehensive innovation. This is a shift away from mainly content-based to more competence-based education, especially more use of laboratory and ICT for inquiry-based physics education. Indeed, given these changes, Vietnamese physics teachers, teacher educators and physics-education researchers will benefit very much from participating in WCPE 2020 with colleagues from all over the world. 
Envisaged as a series of conferences with a four-year periodicity, WCPE would be a working conference with follow-up actions that presumably would carry over to the following conference. Vision of WCPE 2020 is, therefore, to follow a global participative process before, during and after the conference.

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