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About Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a small and beautiful country with victorious history, profound patriotism and wonderful landscapes. Exploring the beauty of the country with its people and culture should be done once in one’s lifetime.

Official name: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
National Day: September 2 (on September 2, 1945, at Ba Dinh square, President Ho chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam).
Geographical location: located in Southeast Asia, bordering People’s Republic of china to the North; Laos and Cambodia to the West; and Eastern Sea to the East.
Area: 331 000 km2.
Length of coast line: 3260 km.
Climate: Tropical monsoon.
Capital: Hanoi.
Official language: Vietnamese.
Population: 90.73 million (in 2014).
Currency: Viet Nam Dong (VND).
GDP (nominal): US$ 184 billion (in 2014).
GDP per capita (nominal): US$ 2,028 (in 2014).
Administrative units: 63 provinces and cities.

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