Abstract guidelines

The official language of the conference is English, so abstracts should be sent and presented in this language.

When submitting an abstract for the 3rd WCPE, you will be required to complete the proposal template outlining your contribution, length is 400 to 600 words (about 2 pages).  

During the abstract registration process, you will be asked to upload the completed abstract in *.doc or *.pdf format and asked to identify the category of your contribution:

You are also asked to characterize your contribution:

- Type: whether you want to present in person or online; in which time zone you want to present (preferable).

- Track: in which of the given topic it falls (can be more than one).

The template for the 2-page proposal can be downloaded here.

Abstract submission guide via Indico system can be found in here. Deadline for submission of all proposals is 30 October 2021.

Review criteria
Your abstract proposal for contributions at WCPE 2021 will be reviewed by at least two reviewers independently. Reviewers will work according to the criteria described below. The decision about the acceptance will be sent via e-mail to you not later than 20 November 2021.
A. Scientific quality grading
1. Is the relation and relevance of the work to physics education clearly outlined?
2. Is the work novel and original? Does the abstract contain material that is new, or was that already published?
3. Are the presented results of significant importance and impact to advancement in the relevant field?
4. Does the extended abstract provide sufficient in-depth discussion of the subject outlined?
B. Quality of the presentation of the results
5. Is the overall structure of the abstract well organized and well balanced? Does the author respect the size limit?
6. Figures, equations, tables and references: are they essential, well prepared and of good quality?
7. Is the English readable and good enough to convey the scientific meaning correctly?

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Submission guideline

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