Indico - registration, referee and virtual-conference system for WCPE 2021

CERN has agreed for WCPE 3 to use Indico system for collecting/reviewing abstract and organizing online activities.

Due to COVID-19 pademic, WCPE 3 becomes a totally online event. All sessions occur in Zoom with detailed schedule and loggin information which are given in a reliable platform like Indico. 

Indico - is known as a power platform to organise meetings, workshops and conferences across the globe. The Indico project started in 2002 as a European project. In 2004, CERN - adopted it as its own event-management solution and has financed its development since.

Go to and create a lightweight account, then sign in Indico to experience the platform.

Please read guidlines on how to submit your abstract here.


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Submission guidelines

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